Why Study at Walailak University International College

Public, autonomous, comprehensive and research-focused university with high quality, internationally-oriented curriculums

High quality Thai and foreign lecturers/professors, adjunct and visiting professors

Popular disciplines, ranging from Science and Technology, Logistics, Management to Social Science

Emphasizing 21st century skills, innovative and critical thinking, and international perspectives for students

Adoption of internationally recognized “UK Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF)” as standards for teaching, including strong emphasis on formative assessment, active learning, small-class teaching, and technological support for students in a “smart class classrooms” environment

Excellent Facilities: Library with thousands of textbooks, e-books, online databases and digital learning materials; Laboratories equipped with high standard tools and equipment

Modern living and sports facilities: International House, Sports Complex, Botanical Learning Center, Student Clubs, University Farm

Superb location :
1. One hour by plane from Bangkok, 22 flights daily by 3 airlines
2. Surrounded by beautiful national parks, beaches, and well-known heritage sites
3. Close to Samui and Pha-ngan Islands

An opportunity to experience the lives and diverse cultures of the locals, who cherish multiculturalism, and whose hospitality is second to none


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