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Why You Should Study at Walailak University International College (WUIC)

  1. Public, autonomous, comprehensive and research-focused university with high quality, internationally-oriented curriculums;
  2. High quality Thai and foreign lecturers/professors, adjunct and visiting professors;
  3. Popular disciplines, ranging from Science and Technology, Logistics, Management to Social Science;
  4. Emphasizing 21st century skills, innovative and critical thinking, and international perspectives for students;
  5. Adoption of internationally recognized “UK Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF)” as standards for teaching, including strong emphasis on formative assessment, active learning, small-class teaching, and technological support for students in a “smart class classrooms” environment;
  1. Excellent Facilities: Library with thousands of textbooks, e-books, online databases and digital learning materials; Laboratories equipped with high standard tools and equipment;
  2. Modern living and sports facilities: International House, Sports Complex, Botanical Learning Center, Student Clubs, University Farm;
  3. Superb location:
    • One hour by plane from Bangkok, 22 flights daily by 3 airlines
    • Surrounded by beautiful national parks, beaches, and well-known heritage sites
    • Close to Samui and Pha-ngan Islands
  4. An opportunity to experience the lives and diverse cultures of the locals, who cherish multiculturalism, and whose hospitality is second to none;

10.The most advanced Walailak University Hospital Center for health care services in the upper South of Thailand.


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