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Program in Digital Innovation Engineering

This program aims to produce graduates who inspire to change the digital world through innovative designs of applications and how they interact with humans worldwide. Graduates will respond to problems while creating new opportunities from digital innovations. Especially in areas such as industry 4.0 where digital innovations based on knowledge of computer engineering will be at the forefront of global change. Graduates will be aware of technology’s impact on society in both positive and negative factors. Graduates will understand the moral and ethics aspects of digital technologies as well as their potential to effect long-life learning and skill development. Graduates will understand digital entrepreneurship and will be encouraged to launch startup ventures for products and services in the global market place.

Graduates can pursue work in areas such as:

  1. Computer Engineering
  2. Innovative Engineers
  3. Problem-solver in creative innovations
  4. Software developers or programmer in an organization
  5. Entrepreneurs in the computer industry or a founder of a startup
  6. Digital products designers
  7. Academic, Researcher, Technician in the field of digital innovation