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Bachelor of Business Administration (Accountancy)

The Bachelor of Business Administration (Accountancy) of Walailak University International College focuses on producing graduates who are knowledgeable about and competent at accounting and business administration with the ability to apply knowledge. In addition to developing academic strength, the program cultivates the graduates to become global citizens equipped with moral and ethical senses and possess leadership and lifelong learning skills.


Bachelor of Business Administration (Accountancy)
B.B.A. (Accountancy)

Desirable Characteristics of the Course

Be able to apply accounting and business administration knowledge efficiently.
Have a quality as the requirement of International Education Standard.
Have universal mind on living in ASEAN and global community.
Be capable of leadership in professional services.
Aware of professional ethics, governance, and social responsibility.

Career path

Those who graduates from this program can take careers regarding to Accounting Act B.E.2543 and Accounting Professions Act B.E.2547 and other related professions including freelance with public or private sector for both domestic and international organization as Bookkeeping, Auditing, Managerial Accounting, Taxation, Accounting System Design, Academic and Accounting Technology, Internal Auditing, Accounting Consulting and Other related fields.

Study path

Graduates will be potentially ready to study for a master and doctoral degree in business administration program in Accountancy and related fields both in Thailand and abroad institutes.


For Thai graduate per semester 75,600 THB
For Thai graduate per 1 course (8 semesters) 604,800 THB
For International graduate per semester 90,600 THB
For International graduate per 1 course (8 semesters) 724,800 THB

Program structure

Teaching Team

Miss Suchita Manajit


Mr. Theerawat Klaokliang


Dr. Chuthamat Rattikansukha


Dr. Hareesol Khun-inkeeree


Miss Pundita Jadsri