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Bachelor of Engineering in Digital Innovation Engineering

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Bachelor of Engineering (Digital Innovation Engineering)
B. Eng. (Digital Innovation Engineering)


This program aims to produce graduates who inspire to change the digital world through innovative designs of applications and how they interact with humans worldwide. Graduates will respond to problems while creating new opportunities from digital innovations. Especially in areas such as industry 4.0 where digital innovations based on knowledge of computer engineering will be at the forefront of global change. Graduates will be aware of technology’s impact on society in both positive and negative factors. Graduates will understand the moral and ethical aspects of digital technologies as well as their potential to effect long-life learning and skill development. Graduates will understand digital entrepreneurship and will be encouraged to launch startup ventures for products and services in the global marketplace.

Desired graduate

Graduates posses of lateral thinking and graduates will be able to solve the problems by using digital technology to creat innovation products.

Career path

Computer Engineer
Innovative Engineer
Problem-solver in digital innovation
Software developer/programmer
Entrepreneur/startup founder in computer industry
Digital products designer
Academic/Researcher in the field of digital innovation

Study path

Used as a base for a Master and Doctural degree in digital engineering or related fields


For Thai graduate per semester 125,600 THB
For Thai graduate per 1 course (8 semesters) 1,004,800 THB
For International graduate per semester 150,600 THB
For International graduate per 1 course (8 semesters) 1,204,800 THB

Program structure

Teaching Team

Visiting Professor
Professor Dr. Anthony Finkelstein

University College London and The Alan Turing Institute
a.finkelstein@ucl.ac.uk or afinkelstein@turing.ac.uk

Visiting Professor
Emeritus Professor Lance Fung

Murdoch University

Visiting Professor
Professor Dr. Franco Raimondi

Middlesex University