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Bachelor of Laws (International Program)

Desirable Characteristics of the Course

Focusing on developing a legal scholar that expertize on specific area of law include the contemporary issue on law and society. Graduates will be able to interpret law based on an application of social science and law.

Graduates will have a good knowledge of the fundamental of law and all also responsibilities of lawyer and society. Student will have chance to explore theory and practical of law in real life.

Graduates will be able to facilitating a legal research and participating in legal develop which enhancing a development of social in all.

Career path

Graduate can pursue their work as a Legal Advisory, Law Professor, Para Legal or Legal Aid, Legal Analysis, Drafter, and those administration work.

Legal Lecturer and legal research in University

Legal Advisor for an International Law firm

Legal Advisor for an International Business Cooperate

Legal Officer for an International Organization

Legal Officer for a Non-Government Organization

Student who willing to take a bar examination in the United States of America

Teaching Team

Asst. Prof. Dr.Marcin Drobnik


Mr.Sotharorth Keo


Prof. Dr. Ivan Bimbilovski