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Admission Criteria

Students residing in any of Thailand's 14 southern provinces are eligible to apply directly to the university.

Admission is based upon result of National Test Scores and English Proficiency Test Score with the following criteria and details of selection.

Programs Secondary School Program Requirement Admission Requirement: National Test Scores with the ratio as following English Proficiency Test(IELT)*
GAT1 GAT2 PAT1 Common 9 Subjects
Digital Innovation Engineering Science - 30% 40% Physics 30%
Public Affairs All programs 40% 30% - Social 30% 6.0
Logistics Analytics Supply Chain Management Science or Arts-math 30% 40% 30% -


* English Proficiency Test Score: IELTS ≥6 or any other Standard English test result. Applicants without Standard English test must obtain GPAX in English not less than 3.50