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Round 1 - Portfolio

Application Submission Period: 1 – 15 Dec 2018 extended to 23 Dec 2018

Programs Number of accepted students Secondary School Program Requirement Admission Requirement
GPAX* Portfolio English Proficiency Test (IELT)**
B.Eng. in Digital Innovation Engineering 20 Science ≥ 2.50
Except for international students and students from native English-speaking countries
B.A. in Public Affairs 20 All programs
LL.B. in Legal Applications 20 All programs
B.B.A. in Logistic Analytics and Supply Chain Management 20 Science/Arts-math
B.B.A. in Acountancy 20 Science/Arts-math


       1. Applicants who are currently studying in senior high school must attain GPA of 5 semesters (Mattayom 4-6).
       2. In case that applicants use a system different from the GPA system, WUIC may ask for a detailed method of evaluation of the scores with their scales.

** English Proficiency Test All applicants are required to prove that they can use English to a standard that will allow them to study their programme. Applicants can do this in a number of ways:
       1. Applicants must submit valid English Proficiency Test score: TOEFL IBT 61 or IELTS 6.0 or any other Standard English Test result.
       2. If Applicants are not a national of a majority English-speaking country, but have graduated from an institution in a majority English-speaking country, you can use your degree certificate to prove your English language ability.
       3. Applicants without Standard English Test result must obtain GPAX in English not less than 3.50