Student Testimonial

Students Testimonial

Miss Zhaoxu Yang

Bachelor of Business Administration (International Program)

I feel very honored to attend The North-West Institute of Management of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA) exchange student program.

During the five months of study at the North-West Institute of Management of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration I personally got in touch with Russian culture, and both my study and life were very fulfilling.

During my study in Russia, I learned that Russia is a country of Orthodox faith, and the people here are very friendly and kind. If you get lost, people will be eager to guide you.

The education here is very developed, so not only Russian students, but also students from all over the world come here to study, just like us. It's very free to live here, although Russia's light business is not very developed, but it does not affect the comfort and convenience of life.

Not only that, Russia also has beautiful natural scenery and cultural scenery, we will go out to have a look in our spare time. In my opinion, language is just a tool for communication, the real meaning of learning a language is to understand the culture of the country. Travel is a great way to help with learning. In particular, St. Petersburg, a city located in Europe, deeply attracts me with its European architecture and beautiful scenery

Students Testimonial
Students Testimonial

Through the study and life in Russia, especially the Russian final exam is relatively free, the teacher will give you a proposition, and then prepare for a period of time, and have in-depth communication with the teacher, each teacher will give different questions for different students, but in line with the students' ability. The original me may not pay attention to the details and etiquette of life, through the study and life in Russia, get along with people here, the way of life is also affected, In China, I only know how to book based, think good grades are enough, but in Russia, the school attaches great importance to our quality education, dress etiquette in class, respect for teachers; Life in the car etiquette, respect for the elderly and children's care... These things are worthy of our attention, it is the embodiment of a person's quality, let me benefit a lot. Learning should not only use the brain but also the hands, knowledge can not only be rote memorization, but also flexible use and flexibility, personal cultivation is not only reflected in the level of knowledge, but also reflected in the cultivation of morality.

Special thanks to the school for providing me with such a rare opportunity, I believe that such an experience will be of great benefit to my future growth. As international students, this period of studying abroad will be the most valuable wealth in our life, which will be of great help to our future work and life. In the future, we should make use of everything we have learned during our study abroad, study harder, constantly enhance our ability and improve our quality, and become a useful person to the society. Finally, may the friendship between the two universities last forever.

Students Testimonial