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Living on Campus

Most international students will have to stay on campus. Walailak University has several ready dormitory buildings to welcome all the local and international students. The international students can stay at Dormitory No. 16 and 17. The current dormitory fee (as of September 2018) is approximately at 4,800 THB per semester, which lasts between 3 to 4 months. This fee does not include the electricity and water utilities. The stay during semester break or school break is not included in this fee.

International Students also need to pay the security deposit once throughout their 4-year studies costing 5,000THB. This security deposit will be refunded to students when they graduate as long as they do not know break any rules set forth by the dormitory supervisor and by the university, and their dorm is in good condition.

Each student is obliged to wear Walailak University Uniform. WU Uniform can be purchased at WU Book Store. The estimated cost for a set of uniform is 1000 THB.

Since Walailak University has the largest university campus in Thailand, the university utilizes the electronic shuttle buses which operate inside the university every day from 6:00am to 9:00pm within 10 to 15 min interval during rush hours.

In case students want to travel outside to the university, there are many options including taxi, public bus, van or “Songthaew” (A pick-up car with long chair at the back). Songthaew operates in Tha Sala District from early morning until around 6 or 7pm and costs around 20THB or more depending on the route.

Public bus or van from WU to the City Center of Nakhon Si Thammarat operates daily and stops the operation around 4:00pm. The journey costs between 40 to 50 THB.

Walailak University has several canteens opening and serving students. These include Day and Night canteens, some of which are open until midnight.

Students can have varieties of options to choose the food of their preference including Thai local dish, Asian dish, Islamic, Halal, Vietnamese, sweets and so on. However, please bear in mind that some local dishes may be spicy if you have never tasted before.

Inside the university, there are several ATM machines operated 24 hours a day and accept almost all major international debit and credit cards including Visa and Master.

Using your local credit card to withdraw the money from the ATM may result high charges, approximately 250 THB per transaction or higher from your local bank or from Thai Bank or both. Therefore, you should have enough cash for your spending during your first arrival to avoid such charges.

You will be taken to open Thai Bank Account which is necessary for your personal use and payment of WU products and services.