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International College, Walailak University, Rings in the New Year 2024 with Joy and Unity

Faculty members, led by the Vice Dean, and staff at the International College of Walailak University came together to celebrate the arrival of the New Year 2024. The festive gathering, held on the university campus, was marked by enthusiasm and camaraderie among the diverse members of the academic community.

The event, organized to foster a sense of unity and goodwill among the various departments within Walailak University, showcased the vibrant spirit of the International College. The Vice Dean expressed their heartfelt wishes for a prosperous and successful year ahead, emphasizing the importance of collaboration and mutual support in achieving academic excellence.

The joyful occasion was attended by personnel from different units across the university, creating an atmosphere of celebration and unity. The participants exchanged warm greetings and shared their hopes and aspirations for the coming year.

The International College of Walailak University, known for its commitment to global education standards, continues to be a hub of cultural diversity and academic innovation. As the New Year unfolds, the college aims to build on its successes and contribute to the growth and development of the academic community and beyond.

The event concluded with a collective expression of optimism and excitement for the opportunities and challenges that the New Year holds. The International College of Walailak University remains dedicated to its mission of fostering international collaboration and providing a dynamic learning environment for students and faculty alike.

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